Corporate Overview

Allergy Therapeutics is an international commercial biotechnology company focussed on the treatment and diagnosis of allergic disorders, including immunotherapy vaccines that have the potential to cure disease.

Allergy Therapeutics offers:

An established range of diagnostics and specific immunotherapy vaccines.
The adjuvant MPL® - a novel immunological adjuvant in the field of allergy.
An innovative product development pipeline supported by documented clinical evidence of efficacy and safety.

A highly qualified scientific and commercial team with industry experienced management.
A European sales and marketing team in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands and Austria, plus a distributor network in Canada, Eastern Europe and South Korea.
High-quality facilities that offer compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and increased production capacity.


Develop and make available to patients’ specific immunotherapy treatments that may help alleviate the symptoms of allergy. We maintain a commitment to address the unmet needs in allergen immunotherapy by supporting adherence, maximising efficacy and demonstrating disease modification.


Global pioneers of convenient treatment for allergy and immune related disorders. We believe that transformational outcomes for patients are achieved by directly treating the cause, rather than just managing symptoms. Our approach increases efficiency for healthcare professionals and can reduce the lifetime cost of care in the wider health economy.


Our values extend not just to our employees, but also to the health care professionals and patients we work with each and every day

  • We take extraordinary ideas and set up innovative concepts to improve the quality of life of our customers
  • We take responsibility and look to go the extra mile
  • We put people first